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National Union of Public Employees

The National Union of Public Employees is a public service union that represents both members in the government and NGO Sectors. NUPE is proud to be involved in efforts to improve the lives of workers and their families. Our priority is improving terms and conditions of members and advocating for safety. From our early days in 1992, we have been a leading organisation in the struggle for economic and social justice. By fighting for legislative improvements and bargaining for better terms and conditions in employment agreements, we continuously strive to raise work standards. NUPE offers members representation in employment matters, advocacy and collective bargaining.

Our Office

Unit 68 Langdons Road


Christchurch 8053

PO Box 13032

Christchurch 8141

Landline:  (03) 377 3582

Our Ofice


Stay Connected 

Welcome to the National Union of Public Employees, or NUPE for short. We are a union that works hard to improve safety and the working conditions of our members across the country. As a member of NUPE, you'll have access to advocacy and representation, collective influence and you will have a voice. Our union is committed to negotiating the best possible wages, safe working environments and conditions, and better opportunities for our members. If you're interested in joining NUPE click here.

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